Transportation FAQs


Do I have to call when my student is not riding the bus?
If you live on a dead end road, or if the bus travels on your road just for your student, you should call the Transportation Department at 848-4460. You do not have to notify the transportation department if you student is not riding home from school.

Can my child have multiple pick up and drop off locations?
Students are allowed only one pick up and one drop off location. The pick up point and drop off point do not have to be the same address. Transportation will be provided to any location within that school’s service area provided that the service is on a continuous basis.

Is there a specific time I can expect my child to be picked up or dropped off?
All bus routes are scheduled for specific times with a 5 minute variance due to traffic, weather conditions, or unforeseen delays.

Do the school bus routes go down every road or street in front of every child’s residence?
No. Some students must walk to bus stops

Who is responsible for the students at the bus stops?
Parents are responsible for their students at the bus stop.

If my student is having a problem on the school bus, who should I call?
Bus safety and discipline issues should be reported to the Bus Driver, Transportation Supervisor or School Principal.

How can I meet or speak to my student’s bus driver?
Call the transportation Supervisor at 848-4460. The bus driver will be given a message to call you to discuss any problems.

Can I board the bus to discuss any problems?
No, parents are not allowed to board the buses. Transportation problems should not be discussed in the presence of students. Parents may speak to the bus driver from outside the bus.

Can I ride on my child’s school route?
Arrangements can be made for parents to ride with their students by calling the Transportation Supervisor at 848-4460 for approval.

Will my child have an assigned seat on the bus?
Students have assigned seats, with the youngest students sitting in front.


Does the school district have a bus safety programs for students who ride the buses?
Yes. All elementary students are provided a bus safety program each year to help them understand bus rider rules. In addition, two emergency evacuation drills are conducted for all the students.

How is student misconduct handled?
Student misconduct is handled at the lowest level if possible.
1. The bus driver will speak to the student about his/her misbehavior.
2. If the misbehavior continues, the student will be seated in the front seat of the bus.
3. If the misbehavior continues, the bus driver will call the parent for assistance.
4. If the misbehavior continues, a misconduct report will be filed with the school principal.
5. If necessary the principal will give the student consequences, up to and including loss of riding privileges.

Is it possible that my student could lose his/her riding privileges without following the above steps?
Yes, if your child or your child’s actions is jeopardizing the safety of the students on the bus, your child will lose his/her riding privileges immediately.

What are the basic rules of riding on the school bus?
1. Obey the bus driver
2. Keep your voice quiet
3. Sit in your assigned seat, facing the front.
4. Keep your hands, feet and belongings to yourself.
5. No eating or drinking on the bus.


Students requesting to ride a bus other than the one assigned must present a bus pass signed by the principal of the school. This pass must be presented to the driver of the bus boarded by the student. Notes from home will not be accepted by the bus driver. Passes must be pre-approved by the principal before the buses arrive at school at the end of the day.