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MOO Club started in 1988 and was headed by Mr. K. Jon Makuck. The name MOO Club was thought out in a contest. MOO stands for Make Other Options ( to drugs and alcohol). Troy Borkovec created the “Magnificent Moo”, a pastorate of fighting drug and alcohol abuse. Back in the days when Miss Gaurke was still runnin Moo Club, it was a small organization. In its first years its membership was low, but when kids realized how much fun they were having, the membership grew and grew to over 300 members today. Under the direction of our current advisor, Mrs. Funderburg, we have many opportunities to do fun activities that don’t involve drugs and alcohol. The Rola Rena, Cosmic Bowling, Weidner Center, downhill skiing and the Tundra Lodge trip all help us stay drug free.

We are, in a word, exuberate about being in a group, that instead of peer pressure about drugs, we receive bonuses and great field trips for just not smoking or drinking or doing any sort of drugs. We know that the rise of teen smoking is upon us. Everyday over a 1,000 people will die of smoking related illnesses. Over a third of them will be under 25. We are realistic in our preaching, we know that in our group of peers, some will not choose us, but we hope you will. Membership is open to anyone in the Washington Middle School and they are again taking admissions Sept. 1-22. and Jan. 3-14. The permission slip is on our “Join the Club” page. We hope you liked our website, and please check out every page, including our Drug Awareness Websites.