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    The following information is provided to help new middle school students moving into the area.

    1. Fill out an enrollment form as soon as you know for sure you are moving. We can mail you one or print one from our website.
    2. Sign a record request form that allows us to get your student records and expedite the enrollment process. Certain parts of the student records need to be on-hand before new students can attend. Many times these parts are faxed to us before the complete file is mailed.

    Enrollment Form/Record Request

    Bus Information: Call the Bus Garage, 848-4460.

    Student Schedules: A normal student day is made up of eleven periods. Four core subjects – Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies, & Science (Math & Language Arts are two period blocks each), two encore periods that include band & choir, an intervention/enrichment period, a homeroom period  & lunch.

    • ENCORE CLASSES: Physical Education will take place over two rotations. All other encores will be one rotation. Other encores classes are as follows: Tech Ed, Art, Music Appreciation (6th grade), Agriscience, World Language (7th & 8th) & Health.
    • BAND/CHOIR: Offered during the encore period. Because Band and Choir are year-long classes, band and choir students will have fewer encores.

    Food Service

    School Calendar

    Important Phone Numbers
    District Office: 920-848-4471
    Washington Middle School: 920- 848-4463
    Bus Garage: 920- 848-4460
    Oconto Falls Elementary: 920-848-4476
    Food Service Secretary: 920-848-4466, Ext. 3
    Special Education Office: 920-848-4443

    Important Fax Numbers
    District Office: 920-848-4474
    Washington Middle School: 920-848-4453
    Bus Garage: 920-848-4459
    Oconto Falls Elementary: 920-848-4454
    Food Service Secretary: 920-848-4444
    Special Education Office: 920-848-4458