OFHS-Student Services

Mike Michalski
Mr. Mike Michalski
School Counselor
Last Names A-K


Mrs. Ann Shallow
School Counselor
Last Names L-Z

Overview of Services

The following services are offered:

-Academic course planning and scheduling
-Standardized testing program (individual and group) to help determine the abilities, achievements, and interests of the student
-Individual and group counseling on personal problems
-A collection of current materials on careers, colleges, technical schools, job opportunities, and even a computerized college search program
-Assistance in job and college planning
-Information and assistance on college financial aids or scholarships
-Reporting of academic progress
-Academic records/transcripts
-Direct links to sites offering helpful information on career exploration, college planning, scholarship searches, financial aid, study skills, school-to-work transitions, and many others.


Counseling is available to OFHS students through the Student Services. Counselors are prepared to assist students to better understand the many challenges they face during difficult times. The counselors assist students with many kinds of issues including those involving friends, teachers, parents, or other personal matters. All are discussed in the strictest of confidence as regulated by law. Students are encouraged to make appointments when possible or to visit with a counselor as immediate needs arise.

Student Services Goals

The primary purpose for a pupil services program is to help students know themselves, appreciate their strengths and weaknesses, and to help them find satisfactory answers. To make it possible for our guidance department to help each student, the student’s scholastic grades, scores on a variety of tests, information on health, hobbies, strengths, weaknesses, and other information is all gathered in an individual record folder.

Students are encouraged to visit Student Services. This should be done during a student’s study hall (the student should obtain a pass from a counselor or the study hall teacher). Some common reasons for conferences with counselors include the following: to discuss subjects and courses; to change a class schedule; to plan class schedules; to discuss college choices and entrance procedures; to inquire about scholarship information; to receive information and direction concerning vocational choices; to become informed about vocational-technical schools; to register for scheduled special examinations; to discuss personal problems; to secure test results; to meet representatives from various colleges or other organizations; and to withdraw from school.

Registered Nurse
Mrs. Donart R.N., B.S.N.

Student Services Secretary
Ms. Wolf

Send Mail To:
Oconto Falls High School
Attn: Student Services
210 N. Farm Road,
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