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NEW – Week Of October 26 – Conferences
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  • Oct 19 – Annual Community Halloween Party – Cancelled
  • Oct. 26 – Red Ribbon Week – Wear Comfy Clothes
  • Oct. 27 – Red Ribbon Week – Wear Red, White & Blue
  • Oct. 27 – Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Oct. 28 – Red Ribbon Week – Wear Jeans
  • Oct. 29 – Red Ribbon Week – Wear a Tie or Tye-Dye
  • Oct. 29 – Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Oct. 30 – No School – Vacation Day


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OFES Scrip Program

Oconto Falls Elementary School takes pride in its traditions, programs, and history. Upon entry into our school, the district’s motto, “Committed to Excellence”, is prominently displayed. It is the first of our school’s core beliefs – that “good enough” is “not enough” but rather excellence is the goal of everything we do. We strive to meet this high expectation each day.

It’s an ambitious goal … but one that we believe is essential to our work of providing high-quality educational opportunities for the children and families of our district. They deserve no less than our very best efforts.

What does excellence look like at Oconto Falls Elementary?

For us, excellence includes all of the following:

  • Providing challenging and engaging curriculum and instruction that meets the highest standards
  • Maintaining a healthy balance between academics and the arts
  • Ensuring a safe, caring, and productive learning environment
  • Emphasizing the importance of respect, responsibility, and character
  • Focusing on solutions rather than problems
  • Our record of achievement in recent years is one that all students, parents, staff, and community members should take pride in. It is a result of countless hours of dedication and hard work. However, we feel that each new school year is an opportunity to improve, and it is in that spirit that we look with anticipation to 2020-2021.

    Thank you for your continued support for education in Oconto Falls – we are looking forward to a great year!

    2016 National Blue Ribbon School Recipient

    National Blue Ribbon School 2016
    Exemplary Achievement Gap Closing Schools 

    Neil Hall, Principal

    Oconto Falls Elementary School

    415 Marie Volk Dr,
    Oconto Falls, WI 54154

    Phone: 920-848-4476

    Image: Matthew ParisMatt Paris, Assistant Principal

    Oconto Falls Elementary School

    415 Marie Volk Dr,
    Oconto Falls, WI 54154

    Phone: 920-848-4476