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    A variety of after school activities are available throughout the year for Abrams students. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies, dance classes, book clubs, homework clubs, basketball, wrestling, language classes and more are offered when the opportunity becomes available. However, these are not school sponsored activities and often have a fee required for participation. Parents are responsible for transportation home after any of these activities. Please note that any time a child stays after school for any event, they must have a note from a parent, giving them permission to stay. For safety sake, students who do not have a note will be sent home on their regular bus. Information on after school activities is sent home via Friday Notes and special flyers.
    Contact Information for After School Groups and Activities:

    Abrams Youth Baseball Shannon Metzler 826-2323 ahm@bayland.net
    Girls Softball Shannon Metzler 826-2323 ahm@bayland.net
    Pulaski Youth Soccer Sherry Olive 822-3208
    Cub Scouts Cub Master Becky Saari 826-6868
    Boy Scouts Cub Master Chad Saari 826-6868
    Girl Scouts Jackie Saari 826-6296 djsaari@new.rr.com

    Community Parent Teacher Organization
    Contact us at abramscpto@gmail.com

    We are an organization of parents, teachers and community members
    dedicated to helping our school be the best it can be. We are proud of the
    volunteer service, special programs and enrichment activities we are able to
    provide for the students and staff of Abrams School.
    Join us!

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    Abrams School takes pride in both the quality and quantity of its volunteers. Parents and community members regularly volunteer over 2000 hours a year to the school. The extra help is invaluable to both our students and our staff. Volunteers tutor students who need extra help. They chaperone field trips. They share job skills. They run off papers, put up bulletin boards, cut out letters and shelve books in the library. It is a great way to be involved in your child’s education.
    A volunteer orientation program is held at the start of every year to assist volunteers with information on policies and procedures they need to follow when working with children. Background checks are done to ensure the safety of our students. Please consider becoming an Abrams volunteer!

    Volunteer Information Sheet