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  • Absences
    1. Parents or guardians should phone the school (826-5819) to inform the office of a student’s absence before 8:15 A.M. on the day of the absence. However, absences may be called in at any time and left on the attendance answering machine (826-5819 ext.1). If the school does not receive a call by 8:30, the office will call home to check on the student. If there is no answer at home, work numbers will be called.
    2. Upon return to school, the student should provide the teacher with a written, signed excuse from a parent indicating the student’s name, date(s) missed, and reason for the absence.
    3. If the absence is pre-planned due to work, travel or vacation, parents should notify the school in advance as soon as possible. If possible, the teacher will prepare work for the student to do to assist them in keeping up with their studies.
    Note: All students are required to go outside for recess. Please do not send notes requesting that a child be kept inside during recess due to a “runny nose, sore throat, or cold”. Students should be kept home if they have these symptoms. Sharing is not always a good thing! Students who are sick should be kept home until their temperature has returned to normal and they are able to participate in all activities including outdoor play. Teachers have recess supervision responsibilities and cannot allow students to remain inside without supervision. Thank you for your understanding.

    Emergency Notifications
    Watch this space for winter weather or other emergency closing announcements

    Please watch TV or listen to the radio for further announcements.

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    Maps and Directions

    Directions: From US 41: Take the Abrams exit (county D). Turn west on “D” (towards the Shell station). Turn right onto “EE”. Follow “EE” to the stop sign. Continue straight ahead. About one-half mile further, there will be a white “Abrams Elementary School” sign pointing to the left (the Fly Way Restaurant is on the right). Turn left onto Main Street. You will see the school off to the right. Turn right at the white church onto Elm Street, which will take you into the school parking lot.