Morning Announcements, Thursday, January 21, 2021

Daily Announcements

Thursday, January 21, 2021


The LMC will be open until 6:00pm.


Attention 5th hour Study Hall students:    After 1st lunch, all 5th hour students who have Miss Thiel or Mr. Heisel for study hall, should report directly to the LMC.  All other study halls should report to the commons today.  Sign outs begin on Monday.


A message from Principal Moore:


Good morning everyone – welcome to the start of 2nd semester!


It wasn’t easy  – but we made it through Semester One!  Lots of challenges and changes – but we’re halfway there!  Hopefully, everyone was able to really focus and finish up the first semester well.


As you know – we are now back in school 5 days per week.  This week and next, we’ll run a regular bell schedule with no homerooms or learning labs scheduled at this point.  Let’s really work to get off to a strong start!


Please make sure to pay extra attention to our COVID mitigation strategies.  In the last week or so, correct mask-wearing started to slide – also social distancing, especially at lunch.  We understand that you are probably tired of this pandemic  – we all are – but these are things that we have to do.   Masks have to be worn over the mouth and nose – in classrooms and hallways.  Social distancing is 6 feet at noon.


Thanks in advance for your efforts to meet these expectations.  We really do want the school climate to be a positive one – it’s more difficult than normal given the pandemic but we’ll do our best.  We’d like to focus on positive things – ideas for helping you be successful in classes;  creative things that we can do to bring some fun and excitement back into school.  We’re open to ideas – Student Council is working to come up with ideas for the 2nd semester – and again, we’ll do our best.  We hope to be able to focus on these types of positive projects instead of diverting our focus with addressing basic COVID expectations.  These are safety precautions that simply need to be followed.


Thanks again – have a good day, everyone!