Daily Announcements – December 9, 2022

Daily Announcements
  December 9, 2022

Students:  The LMC will be open until 6 p.m.

Attention all students: Throughout this week, you may receive some surveys in your email from the Statistics students. Please check your school email daily and answer any surveys you receive so that we can limit our non-response bias. Thank you!

Oconto Falls Elementary’s 1st and 2nd-grade concerts are today at 2 p.m.  With two grade levels performing, seating for parents and families is tight.  In the past, high school students with siblings in concerts have asked to be able to attend.  If you do have a sibling performing, and your parents would like you to attend, they should call the office by lunch today to give permission.  You’ll also need to contact your 7th-hour teacher to receive any missed work.  Again – this is only an option for siblings due to limited seating.  Any questions – please see Mr. Moore or Mr. Smith.

Students:  Mrs. Jadin and Mrs. Spang-Magee’s flex periods have been closed.  Please check your emails for your reassignments.  Mr. Rickert’s flex, please report to room #121 today.

Choir Students:  Please bring your Chromebooks to class today.  4th Period Chamber Singers please report to Study Hall in the Commons

Wishing Mrs. Sandy Pardy a very Happy Birthday!

Happy, fabulous 40th birthday to Mrs. Elliott.  If you see her today, be sure to wish her a happy birthday.