Freshmen Resources

Activities that Freshmen complete to support ACP:

  • Develop 4 year plan – use Career Cruising and paper –
  • Individual counseling with each student on ACP
  • Career Matchmaker – interest survey
  • Writing and Resume instruction
  • Guest speakers on career opportunities
  • Job Interviewing skills
  • Start Portfolio development
  • Start a new Career Matchmaker assessment; answer the first 39 questions and set to receive the best results. Save them under the name: 9th Grade Matchmaker.
  • Click on a suggested Career and explore the Suitable for You feedback. Explore two other careers.
  • Save at least one additional career of interest and compare against the three other saved careers in previous grades, if available.
  • Write a My Journal entry about saved careers. Is there a pattern or clear area of skill of interest?