District Key Interests

Destination Education – Key Interests

In October of 2016,  a diverse group of parents, students, community members business members, and staff of the Oconto Falls School district participated in community conversations (Destination Education) to identify and prioritize our “Key Interests.”  This diverse group of stakeholders, representing the communities that we serve, worked collaboratively to create and prioritize Key Interests which will guide us in our work, decision making, and resource allocation in the future.   

Key Interest #1

Provide diverse and flexible learning opportunities with a focus on real life practical applications that enable students to individualize their learning plan.

  • Creating/Sustaining Advanced and Diverse Course Offerings
  • Expand learning opportunities outside of the traditional master schedule or past practice (for all students)

Key Interest #2

Create and sustain school/community partnerships that focus on common goals and increase learning opportunities/resources for students.   

  • School/Community Mentoring Programs
  • Assisting Families Through District/Community Collaborations
  • Hands-on Skill Training – School/Community Business Partnerships and Collaborations – Apprenticeship Programming

Key Interest #3

Provide students with 21st Century learning opportunities and applications that address their future life skill needs.

  • Leadership, Problem Solving, and Decision Making
  • Academic Career Planning (scholarships and post-secondary applications)
  • Financial Literacy

Key Interest #4

Recruit, Develop, and Retain high quality, innovative, and creative staff that will lead and support positive change and growth.

  • Review and refine the recruiting and hiring processes
  • School District Staff are provided flexible and individualized professional development to assist them in their professional growth

Key Interest #5

Update technology infrastructure and expand classroom technology integration processes to better support teachers in their goal of maximizing learning for all students.  

District Strategic Plan Image