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The Oconto Falls Public School District has a multifaceted technology department comprised of a technology services team and an instructional technology team.  The goal of the technology services team is to make technologies that are essential for learning and operations as reliable as the lights. The goal of the instructional technology team is to take those reliable technologies and use them to enhance, engage, and extend learning.

Technology Services Team Mission

Instructional Technology Leaders (ITLs) Mission

It is the mission of the OFSD Technology Services Team to provide high-quality, continuous, timely, and consistent technology support to ensure stakeholders have the appropriate tools for innovation and learning. The Instructional Technology team is dedicated to preparing all students for college and career readiness by providing professional learning opportunities and support for OFSD staff. We aim to assist staff in enhancing learning through integrating technology in classrooms at all grade levels and subject areas for students of all ability levels.

Technology Services Planning and Updates

Consistent with the district’s five key interests, in 2018, the technology services team began developing multi-year technology infrastructure plans to address the increasing needs for consistent, reliable technology in learning environments at all schools. The Director of Technology presents a technology update to the board of education in the first semester of each school year since the inception of the infrastructure plans. A snapshot of the 2021-2025 Technology Infrastructure Plan is below. It is an elaboration of section 2.6 of the District’s Strategic Plan.


OFPS Technology Infrastructure Plan 2021-2025

2021-2025 Board of Education Updates

To view the 2018-2021 Technology Infrastructure Plan please view the links below:



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Corey Jeffers, Director of Technology

Oconto Falls School District

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