Curriculum and Instruction

The Oconto Falls School District is dedicated to “Academic Excellence” and we strive for this throughout all that we do. Academic achievement is the product of staff, students, and families working collaboratively to ensure that each student capitalizes on their strengths and realizes their full potential. Our staff are constantly evaluating student learning and reflecting on our programming. When needed we are consistently implementing modifications to instructional practices in our efforts to help students realize a higher level of achievement. Examples include our work to align our learning targets with standards across all curricular areas as well as professional development of staff to ensure consistent implementation of best practices.

Each day our students are involved in learning that is rigorous and relevant. Students are involved in assessments that help teachers determine their level of understanding and also drive future instruction. Our staff use the following to help guide their work:

  • What do our students need to learn and understand in each course or curricular area?
  • How do we best assess student learning for each course or curricular area?
  • How will we respond when students have shown they need additional support in the learning process?
  • How do we help those students who have demonstrated that they are capable of extending their level of learning further?

Our educational roadmap is designed to prepare all students for life beyond our schools. Below are a few of our “Key Interests” that guide our work:

  • Provide diverse and flexible learning opportunities with a focus on real life practical applications that enable students to individualize their learning plan.
  • Create and sustain school/community partnerships that focus on common goals and increase learning opportunities/resources for students.
  • Provide students with 21st Century learning opportunities that applications that address their future life skill needs.