31 – COVID-19 Update – September 10 – Positive Case/Close Contact Information for Parents

September 10, 2020

COVID-19 Positive Case/Close Contact Information For Parents

Over the past couple days we have had many questions related to our response to positive cases of COVID-19 within our student population.  Below is information that will help to outline the sequence of events that happens when a student or staff member is identified as being COVID positive.  

The Sequence of Events:

  1. The school district is notified by the Oconto County Health Department of a positive case of COVID-19
  2. School district staff then work collaboratively with Oconto County Health Department staff to identify anyone that would be considered a “Close Contact”.
  3. School district staff contact the parent/guardian to pick up their child if they are identified as a close contact.
  4. Oconto County Health Department staff will contact the parent/guardian within forty eight hours to verify their child is a close contact and communicate next steps and expectations related to quarantine.
  5. Oconto County Health Department will work closely with school district staff to guide us on a return to school date for each individual and we will be following these recommendations.

When we receive notification regarding a positive case of COVID-19, school district staff work together with the Oconto County Health Department to quickly implement the isolation process for the person that has tested positive.  We then work collaboratively to determine who if anyone was in Close Contact with the individual that tested positive.  The following is a link that provides more information relative to determining a close contact.  It is important to note that in our current educational environment which involves all students attending school face to face four days a week, we can anticipate that we will have students that are close contacts when we experience a positive case in the school environment.  

Once any close contacts are identified, school district staff will contact the parent/guardian of the student to inform them of the situation and have them come to school to pick up their child.  The parent/guardian will be informed at that time that they can expect to receive a phone call from the Oconto County Health department which will involve questions, validation of their child being a close contact, and then guidance to follow relative to being a close contact.  During this contact by the Oconto County Health Department, the parent/guardian will be given information relative to the duration of their child’s quarantine.  This information will also be shared with school district staff so that we can anticipate your child’s return to school.  

While students are quarantined, school personnel will communicate with the parent/guardian to address how we can best address their child’s educational needs based on their specific circumstances.

Dean Hess, Superintendent of Schools