34 – COVID-19 Update – October 6 – Food Delivery During Virtual Learning

October 6, 2020

Good afternoon, 

With the district going to a fully virtual schedule, we are working on setting up delivery of meals with our Transportation Department. 

Every family should have gotten a SURVEY to fill out if you are interested in getting meals delivered to your child’s bus stop.  If you did not receive this letter or have had trouble signing up, please contact Jenni Faccio to be manually added to the list.  Once we get a list of the students that are interested in receiving these meals, we will begin working with the Transportation Department to plan out our deliveries.  

We will be doing two deliveries a week (Tuesday and Fridays morning) which will consist of “Take & Heat” Meals. The meals will be dropped off at your normal morning pickup location at the normal pickup time. It will be your responsibility to have someone there to receive the meals.  If you are unavailable for three deliveries, we may discontinue this service for you and we could potentially offer you a pick up option.  If your children don’t typically ride the bus, please contact the bus garage at 920-848-4460 to get that information. Please understand that we may run a little late as we get the routes fine tuned.   Meal deliveries will be starting on Friday, October 9. 

We are going to try to stick to the regular school menu but may at times need to make adjustments.  Due to the meals being “Take & Heat”, the meals will be frozen and we ask that you freeze or refrigerate as soon as you can.  We have included the instructions on heating up these meals in this same email.  Please view the “Take & Heat Meals” document for more instructions and information.

These meals are completely funded FREE through a Federal Grant (not with District Funds) so please take advantage of this great opportunity.

Thank you,

Jennifer Faccio
Food Service Director
920-848-4467 ext. 4041

Bryan Schroeder
Route Supervisor