24 – COVID-19 Update – July 30 – Acellus Fully Online Learning Opportunity

Program Information

The purpose of this fully online option (Acellus) is to provide families an alternative choice for educational programming.  The Acellus programming will be different from the virtual learning that students in the hybrid model (four days face to face/one day virtual) will experience.  Students learning through Acellus will receive a curriculum that is similarly aligned with state standards, but instructed in a different manner and in a different sequence than students in the face to face hybrid model recently approved by our Board of Education.  Acellus courses are generally self paced.  An Oconto Falls staff member will be checking in and will be available to support your child with their questions.     

If your child has health conditions and you have concerns about your child returning to school, please reach out to one of our school nurses, Lynette Donart (lynette.donart@of-ps.org) and/or Bobbi Jo Boomsma (bobbijo.boomsma@of-ps.org) who can provide you with more guidance specific to your child. We understand that some families are not planning to have their children return to school in our four day face to face hybrid model.  To support families interested in the Acellus (fully virtual) option and to assist with our planning needs, it is important that parents intending to have their students participate in our Acellus program to apply to the Fully Virtual School Option.  Click here to apply Virtual School Option Application.

If you are opting for your child(ren) for full Virtual School Option, please understand the following:

  • You are committing to full online learning for the entire grading period and are not able to attend school face to face or hybrid/blended model or move between learning models until the start of the next grading period.  (4K-5 – Trimester, 6-8 Quint, 9-12 Semester)
  • If the outbreak requires students in the face to face or hybrid model to move into virtual learning, online learning students will continue on their same online learning course.  There is no transition back to non-online learning until that grading period is complete.  
  • The District will ensure four core subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies) are taught in full online learning.  Elective classes are available, however, some specials or encore courses may not be available. 
  • To select this option, you would need to have adequate internet connectivity.  A device to utilize the coursework would be provided by the district.  


Success as a virtual student requires that you acknowledge the need for daily engagement within courses by maintaining structured pacing where assignments and assessments are completed each day. Regular communication with Virtual School Option teachers through email and/or phone calls is expected.  School Attendance rules will be followed and enforced. 

Home Learning Coach

It is important you identify someone to be the Home Learning Coach. The Home Learning Coach will be the primary person for helping the student through the process of online learning.  This person can be a parent, capable older sibling, grandparent, babysitter etc.  The Home Learning Coach’s role is to communicate with the student on a regular basis about school.  This role is especially important for the younger student(s).

Virtual School Learning Tips

  • Create a learning space for your child.
  • Make a consistent school schedule but be flexible.
  • Reduce distractions.
  • Schedule other activities such as exercise.
  • See which accessibility features help your child.
  • Communicate with your child’s teachers regularly.

Contact Information:    Danny Smith at danny.smith@of-ps.org  or (920)848-4467