Daily Announcements – February 20, 2023

Daily Announcements
February 20, 2023

Students:  The LMC will be open until 6:00 pm today.  The library will close at 4 pm on Fridays for the rest of February.

Congratulations to the Varsity Panther Cheerleaders who qualified for state at the WACPC Regionals this weekend for Game Day and Cheer Dance!  Go Panthers!

Congratulations to our Panther Wrestlers!  We have three OFHS Wrestlers going to the WIAA State Tournament next weekend.  Congratulations to Garrett Ganter, Cole Bozile, and Taylor Whiting!

HAPPY FFA WEEK EVERYONE! Today’s dress-up theme is “Merica”, in honor of our country and first president, George Washington. Tomorrow is Moo or Cow Print Day. Hopefully, everyone enjoyed some free cheese, sponsored by the FFA and Oconto County Dairy Promotions. Tomorrow FFA members and staff will be treated to some famous popcorn made in Oconto Falls! Get your milk Mustache Photos during lunch today, to show your support for Oconto County Dairy Farmers. Check out our posters for other activities and things happening this week. Friday is the last day any student can join FFA, please talk to Mr. Taylor if you are interested in becoming a member of this great organization!

Students:  A reminder that cases must be on Chromebooks at all times.  There is no exception to this policy.  Please see Mr. Smith or Mr. Moore with any questions.  

There is a sign-up sheet in the main office for any student interested in softball.  Please sign up by Tuesday, February 28.  

Juniors & Seniors: A representative from Northern Michigan University will be in the LMC on Tuesday, February 21 at 12:30. If interested please sign up in Student Services.

Tuesday, February 21, representatives from Riesterer and Schnell will be in the Ag room to showcase careers and jobs within their company. If you like mechanics, small equipment, large farm equipment, tractors, compact tractors, and lawnmowers, please request to be in Mr. Taylor’s FLEX period to experience the opportunities that Reisterer and Schnell have to offer!

Daily Announcements – January 12, 2023

Daily Announcements
January 12, 2023

Students:  The LMC will be open until 6:00 pm

Community Service and Mentoring Student, your 3 slide Presentation and pictures on the things you did this semester is due to Mr. Bohl by January 20th. Please complete in Google Slides and share with Mr. Bohl. This is a part of the course requirements to earn a passing grade for the class.

FBLA will be hosting business tours on February 8th, grab an application in Mrs. Tates room if interested. There will be a $35 fee covering lunch and activities.

Attention Students:  Mr. Nagy’s flex for today has been closed.  Please check your emails for your reassignment.

For any students interested in going out for track next year there will be an informational meeting Monday, Jan 16th during Mr. Luebke’s FLEX. Please sign up for Mr. Luebke’s FLEX only. Any questions please talk to Mr. Luebke.  

43 – COVID-19 Update – Future Virtual Option – Rural Virtual Academy

June 4, 2021

RE: Future Virtual Option

This past school year the Oconto Falls Public Schools offered a virtual education option for students as an alternative to face-to-face education during the pandemic. The option provided involved students accessing their education through the utilization of Acellus programming. During the course of the year we gathered feedback regarding this option and determined that we would not move forward with Acellus for the 2021-22 school year as a virtual alternative.

On May 10, 2021, a recommendation was made to the Board of Education that we move forward and collaborate with the Rural Virtual Academy (RVA) for situations where an option other than face-to-face education is requested. The Board approved this recommendation, and we are currently collaborating with RVA staff to ensure information is available to those who have an interest in a virtual education option.

Please know that we are moving forward with a plan to have all students back in face-to-face learning environments, with face coverings optional, when we begin the 2021-2022 school year. However, we recognize that, in exceptional circumstances, a parent may want to consider another option. This is a link to the RVA website and will enable you to access information regarding RVA and their virtual programming.

If you are considering RVA, please contact Debbie Woods (920) 848-4471 to be added to our list to receive more information as it becomes available.

Dean R. Hess


All-Time Top 10 Record Holders

(Updated 5/29/2019)

100 Meter Dash

1. Talia Budz 12.6 2008


Ericka Havemeier

Liza Leja





4. Sarah Monette 12.9 2003
5T. Tara Hickey 13.0 1998
5T. Candy McDougal 13.0 1977
7T. Melissa Fabry 13.1 2002
7T. Chelsea Yatso 13.1 2008
9T. Jenny Spang 13.2 2012
9T. Beth Rieth 13.2 2008

200 Meter Dash

1. Ericka Havemeier 25.92 2018


Talia Budz

Candy McDougal





4. Liza Leja 27.05 2016
5T. Tara Hickey 27.5 1997
5T. Chelsea Yatso 27.5 2005
7. Autumn Magnin 27.62 2018
8. Rachel Reed 27.67 2008
9. Katie Rupiper 27.7 1980
10. Kim Fabry 27.9 2003

400 Meter Dash

1. Kim Fabry 1:01.53 2005
2. Autumn Canavera 1:02.22 2018
3. Sue Schenk 1:03.0 1981
4. Steph Motiff 1:03.39 2008
5T. Jolinda Hughes 1:03.7 1985
5T. Mona Schroeder 1:03.7 1977
7. Ashley Christensen 1:03.9 2004
8. Lisa Stuckey 1:04.2 1983
9. Kennedy Kratz 1:04.62 2016
10. Megan Heller 1:04.65 2013

800 Meter Run

1. Bailey Wolf 2:23.88 2016
2. Trina Hobyan 2:24.3 2000


Autumn Canavera

Mary April





5. Lisa Stuckey 2:29.1 1981
6. Tiffany Birr 2:29.6 2000
7. Ashley Christensen 2:30.9 2005
8. Tammy Birr 2:31.1 2000
9. Whitney Olson 2:31.9 2007
10T. Amanda Cook 2:33.0 1999
10T. Amanda Beaumier 2:33.0 2001

1600 Meter Run

1. Bailey Wolf 5:14.21 2016
2. Trina Hobyan 5:16.85 2001
3. Mary Aprill 5:19.1 1985
4. Amanda Cook 5:26.8 2000
5. Haylee Lucht 5:29.9 2007
6. Cristy Amenson 5:31.7 1995
7. Charity Cook 5:35.4 2006
8. Wanda Kind 5:38.8 1976
9. Breanna Sadowski 5:41.63 2018
10. Alisha Cook 5:42.67 2007

3200 Meter Run

1. Trina Hobyan 11:20.61 2001
2. Amanda Cook 11:24.8 2000
3. Mary Aprill 11:32.1 1985
4. Haylee Lucht 11:46.53 2008
5. Deanna Cahoon-Draus 11:54.65 2012
6. Bailey Wolf 12:03.62 2013
7. Kathy Paulson 12:05.8 1985
8. Kim Beaumier 12:15.59 2006
9. Cristy Amenson 12:18.2 1996
10. Charity Cook 12:21.17 2006

100 Meter Hurdles



Kari Albrecht

Colleen Bergner





2T. Carrie Clark 16.10 1992
2T. Molly McCourt 16.10 2004


Diane Moore

Vanessa VanDenElzen





7T. Robin Brumlic 16.7 1980
7T. Kris Radke 16.7 1982
9T. Kim Soulek 16.8 1975
9T. Bree Funk 16.8 2007

300 Meter Hurdles

1. Diane Moore 48.02 2017
2. Kristin Radke 49.5 1982
3. Vanessa VanDenElzen 49.12 2013
4. Brianna Kain 50.12 2011
5. Kari Albrecht 50.16 2018
6. Kym Ludwig 50.2 2007
7. Carrie Clark 50.5 1991
8. Molly McCourt 51.21 2004
9. Sara Blaser 51.5 1994
10. Kalyn Plager 51.7 1999

400 Meter Relay (4×100 Relay)

1. Kim Fabry Talia Budz Chelsea Yatso Jordan Cook 50.52 2006
2. Beth Rieth Talia Budz Rachel Reed Jordan Cook 51.74 2008
3. Jenny Spang Leah Kasten Liza Leja Meghan Vandenack 51.86 2013
4. Kim Fabry Sarah Monette Chelsea Yatso  Stephanie Motiff 52.08 2005
5. Kim Fabry Sarah Monette Chelsea Yatso Molly McCourt 52.16 2004
6. Kim Fabry Sarah Monette Jenny McDermid Molly McCourt 52.2 2003
7. Whitney Olson Talia Budz Chelsea Yatso Jordan Cook 52.33 2007
8. Beth Rieth Leah Hasten Rachel Reed Jen McLeod 52.37 2010
9. Kim Fabry Sarah Monette  Kathy Koehne Molly McCourt 52.5 2004
10. Alexis Euclide Katie Kurth Autumn Magnin Ericka Havemeier 52.59 2019

800 Meter Relay (4×200 Relay)

1. Kim Fabry Talia Budz Jordan Cook Chelsea Yatso 1:47.97 2006
2. Kennedy Kratz Katie Kurth Autumn Magnin Ericka Havemeier 1:49.87 2018
3. Whitney Olson Talia Budz Jordan Cook Chelsea Yatso 1:50.44 2007
4T. Katee Kallas Vicki Budz Shannon Oninski Tara Hickey 1:51.7 1997
4T. Tracy Zabel Jennifer Allen Krysten Koebach Laura DeGroot 1:51.7 1991
6. Beth Rieth Talia Budz Jordan Cook Rachel Reed 1:53.17 2008
7. Liza Leja Kennedy Kratz Rickaela Ludwig Bailey Wolf 1:53.37 2015
8. Beth Rieth Talia Budz Steph Motiff Terri Malingowski 1:53.65 2007
9. Kim Fabry Talia Budz Steph Motiff Chelsea Yatso 1:54.09 2006
10. Liza Leja Jenny Spang Megan Heller Leah Kasten 1:54.52 2013

1600 Meter Relay (4×400 Relay)

1. Collen Bergner Marci Radke Lisa Stuckey  Sue Schenk 4:14.7 1981
2. Jolinda Hughes Lisa Shaloub Lisa Stuckey Beth Bardouche 4:21.2 1983
3. Kennedy Kratz Rickaela Ludwig Ashley Keuken Bailey Wolf 4:21.66 2016
4. Colleen Bergner Marci Radke Diane Kopczynski Sue Schenk 4:21.9 1980
5. Kennedy Kratz Josie Ausloos Ashley Keuken Bailey Wolf 4:24.42 2016
6. Alisha Cook Kali Opsahl Kym Ludwig Steph Motiff 4:25.46 2008
7. Jolinda Hughes Mary Aprill Lisa Stuckey Beth Bardouche 4:25.70 1983
8. Kennedy Kratz Grace Williams Autumn Magnin Autumn Canavera 4:25.80 2018
9. Meghan Vandenack Kali Erickson Anna Rabe Megan Heller 4:28.04 2013
10. Kennedy Kratz Josie Ausloos Liza Leja Bailey Wolf 4:28.6 2015

3200 Meter Relay (4×800 Relay)

1. Amanda Cook Tammy Birr Tiffany Birr Trina Hobyan 9:42.24 2000
2. Amanda Cook Amanda Beaumier Katrina Fabry Trina Hobyan 10:14.70 2001
3. Amanda Cook Amanda Beaumier Tiffany Birr Trina Hobyan 10:15.80 2000
4. Amanda Cook Amanda Beaumier Lacy Holtz Jenni Konitzer 10:27.50 2002
5. Ashley Hoffman Whitney Olson Stacy Mathson Haylee Lucht 10:31.28 2007
6. Alisha Cook Kim Beaumier Taylor Tripp Ashley Christensen 10:31.28 2005
7. Alisha Cook Kali Opsahl Pricilla Reyes Haylee Lucht 10:35.61 2008
8. Ashley Hoffman Kim Beaumier Stacy Mathson Charity Cook 10:40.57 2006
9. Anna Rabe Elizabeth Donart Kali Erickson Deanna Cahoon-Draus 10:40.71 2012
10 Alisha Cook Whitney Olson Ashley Hoffman Haylee Lucht 10:41.80 2007

High Jump

1T. Julie Follett 5’-3” 1977
1T. Carly Lemke 5’-3” 2014
3. Kris Radke 5’-2” 1982
4T. Beth Bardouche 5’-0” 1982
4T. Chelsea Yatso 5’-0” 2005
4T. Kym Ludwig 5’-0” 2008


Ricki Ludwig

Julie Peters





8T. Trina Hobyan 4’-10” 2000
8T. Amanda Delveaux 4’-10” 2004
8T. Kali Erickson 4’-10” 2012
8T. Maddie Kurzynske 4’-10” 2017

Pole Vault

1. Beth Rieth 10’-6” 2010


Catt Moeller

Leah Kasten





4T. Ashley Bartha 9’-0” 2005
4T. Megan Vandenack 9’-0” 2013
6T. Lily Reschke 8’-6” 2010
6T. Janet Koehne 8’-6” 2013
8T. Melissa Nero 8’-0” 2007
8T. Kristen Schneider 8’-0” 2010
8T.  Cameron Mercier 8’-0” 2019

Triple Jump

1. Diane Moore 36’-0.25” 2016
2. Stephanie Motiff 35’-9.5” 2008
3. Sarah Monette 34’-11” 2004
4. Talia Budz 34’-8.5” 2009
5. Julie McDermid 34’-3” 2000
6T. Melissa Fabry 33’-9” 2002
6T. Chelsea Yatso 33’-9” 2006
8. Beth Rieth 33’-5.25” 2009
9. Carolyn Malcheski 33’-6.5” 2015
10. Autumn Canavera 32’-10” 2018

Long Jump

1. Chelsea Yatso 17’-2” 2007
2. Stephanie Motiff 16’-10” 2007
3. Julie McDermid 16’-9” 2000
4. Kim Fabry 16’-8.75” 2006
5. Sarah Monette 16’-2” 2005
6T. Talia Budz 15’-10.5” 2008
6T. Diane Moore 15’-10.5” 2016
8. Tricia Place 15’-10” 2002
9T. Melissa Fabry 15’-9” 2002
9T. Jenny Spang 15’-9” 2011

Shot Put

1. Jody Liesch 38’-10.5” 1978
2. Jessica Delzer 38’-6.5” 2006
3. Jackie Aprill 37’-11” 1998
4. Peggy Ausloos 37’-7.5” 1987
5. Kayla Virtues 37’-5” 2014
6. Terri Malingowski 35’-10” 2007
7. Lisa Stuckey 35’-.5” 1982
8. Steph Johnson 34’-7.5” 2000
9. Vicky Kozlovsky 34’-6.75” 2015
10. Kris Jisa 34’-5.75” 1984


1. Jessica Delzer 128’-8” 2006
2. Jody Liesch 125’-0” 1978
3. Alicia Lierman 120’-3” 2003
4. Becky Hayes 115’-8” 2000
5. Jenny McDermid 111’-8” 2003
6. Jackie Aprill 109’-9” 2000
7. Ashton Rebitski 108’-8” 2009
8. Steph Johnson 108’-3” 2000


Emily Gonnering

Kathy Soulek





32 – COVID-19 Update – September 25 – Positive Case/Close Contact Update for Parents

September 25, 2020


Over the past few weeks we have addressed the needs of both students and staff within our school district that have tested positive for COVID-19.  In each of these situations, we worked collaboratively with the Oconto County Health Dept to address the needs of the individual that tested positive, and also identified any students or staff that were determined to be close contacts with the individual that tested positive.  Once close contacts were identified, we contacted those families that were directly affected.  In an effort to allow all of our families to stay informed related to new positive cases, please refer to the following LINK on our district webpage which will be updated each Wednesday.  The totals in the student columns will be added in the next few days to include data from today.  We will not be sending communications out to families each time we experience a positive case within our school district.  Instead, we will update this site weekly which will allow families to be aware of any new cases.  Please note that this data is general in nature as to protect the confidential nature of this information.  

As a school district, we continue to implement measures to mitigate the spread of this virus.  These actions include social distancing, good hand hygiene, and wearing face coverings.  You can assist us by incorporating the same strategies at home.  To support you in your efforts we are including guidance in our Student Decision Tree, if your child is exhibiting any symptoms please follow the decision tree and refrain from sending them to school.  Your thoughtfulness and assistance is greatly appreciated as together we can more effectively control the spread of COVID-19.  

It is important to note that yesterday the Governor of Wisconsin took action to declare a public health emergency Executive Order #90 .  In response to this public health emergency, the Governor has also extended the face covering requirement to November 21, 2020 Emergency Order #1.  Please note that our school district implemented a face covering requirement prior to the original state order which means that if the state order sunsets in the future, the face covering requirement will still be in place for all students, staff, and visitors until the Oconto Falls Board of Education would take action to rescind this expectation.  

Dean Hess

Superintendent of Schools

Morning Announcements, Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Morning Announcements
Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Congratulations to the Lady Panthers who won in regional play last night against Two Rivers. Way to Go! Come out and support the team on Thursday as they take on Wrightstown (in Wrightstown) at 7:00pm. Go Panthers!


Students: the after school program that was held in the commons will now be in the LMC.  If you are staying after school for any reason you must be in an area that is supervised by a staff member.


If you are interested in playing Softball in the spring, please grab an informational sheet on the bulletin board outside of Ms. Lawless’ room. There is information about winter workouts and open gyms. Any questions please see Coach Lawless or Coach Albrecht.


Attention FFA Members, the permission slip and conference fees for the 212 and 360 National FFA Leadership Conference, held in Stevens Point, are due to Mr. Taylor tomorrow! Grab a form off the FFA bulletin board in the 200 Hallway.


Tickets for this year’s musical THE SOUND OF MUSIC are on sale now in the main office. Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for students/children.  All seats will be general admission.  Listen for more details about this year’s amazing show in the next few weeks!


Cheerleading Tryouts for Basketball, Wrestling and Competition season will be held starting next Tuesday.  Tryouts will be held in the Wrestling gym starting at 3:30 on Tuesday October 23rd thru Thursday October 25th.


Now Hiring: Oconto Electric is looking for a person who wants to join their Cellcom sales team.  If interested please see the flyer outside of guidance.


Students:  The following representatives will be in the commons during lunch hours:

Wednesday, October 17:  US Marines


Do you love to dance? Tryouts for the Oconto Falls High School Varsity Dance Team are just around the corner! Winter Season Tryouts will be held after school in the Old Gym on October 30th and 31st from 3:30pm-5:30pm. If you are interested in trying out and have questions about the Dance Team, you may contact Captain Haylee Whiting. Again Tryouts for the dance team are October 30th and 31st in the Old Gym from 3:30pm-5:30pm. Get ready to dance!



On Thursday, October 18 a representative from Northern Michigan University will be in Student Services during Learning Lab.  Please sign up if interested.


Seniors:  If you need help completing the FAFSA, College Goal Wisconsin can help.  They will be holding numerous sessions throughout this month and November which is free of charge.  Please stop in Student Services for dates and information needed to bring.


Seniors:  Please remember to hand in your yellow Permission to Release Form in order to have your transcripts sent out.


Morning Announcements, Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Morning Announcements

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


The LMC will be open until 6:00pm.


All underclassmen are reminded to get their yearbook order forms into Mr. Gander in room 120 by this Friday, Oct. 20, for the chance at winning $50.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Attention FFA members: On Monday, October 30, after school, we will be painting and carving pumpkins, please sign up outside Mr. Taylor’s door. By Wednesday, any FFA members wanting to attend the 212 and 360 national FFA conference in Green Bay need to turn in their permission forms and money to Mr. Taylor by the end of the day.

Any student interested in joining Destination Imagination (DI) there will be a meeting at lunch today in Room 200.   Please bring your lunch.


Students:  NWTC is inviting you to their Transportation Center Open House on Monday, October 23, 4:00 PM-7:00 PM.  You can tour the new center and learn about careers in the transportation industry and talk to the instructors.  Look for the poster by Student Services.

Megan Zielinski see Mrs. Tate immediately.

Students:  The Greater Green Bay Healthcare Alliance is sponsoring Healthcare Career Exploration Opportunities for high school students.  The following information meetings are as follows:


Introduction To Rehabilitation Services-Tuesday, Oct. 24-5:30-7:00 PM at Bellin

Careers In Nursing-Thursday, Nov. 16-5:30-7:00 PM-Aurora BayCare


Please see poster by Student Services for registration instructions.


Seniors: The Hagan Scholarship Foundation scholarship information is available

in Student Services.  Student must have a 3.5 GPA, scored a 23 or higher on the ACT.  Two-thirds of all finalists are awarded scholarships.  Stop in Student Services.


Seniors:  Please remember if you are applying to a college Student Services needs your yellow brag sheet before transcript will be sent out.


Seniors:  College Goal WI is a free event that helps you and your parents complete the FAFSA.  Wednesday, Oct. 18 they will be at West High School in Green Bay and at NWTC in Shawano.  Monday, November 6 they will be at East High School in Green Bay and UW Marinette.  All events start at 6:00 PM.  Please stop in Student Services to find out what you need to bring.


Seniors: You will be having a senior meeting this morning in PAC. Please bring a pen with you. There will be a form to fill out.

Morning Announcements, September 29, 2017

Morning Announcements

Friday, September 29, 2017


Students: The Main Office and Student Services will no longer be collecting food service money from students. Students, you must bring your cash/checks to the kitchen directly.


As a Homecoming special, the Commons will be offering 12” pizzas for $5.00 and football brownies for $5.00 today and tomorrow. Stop in at the Commons and order your items today!


Reminder to all FBLA members: Make sure you continue selling you’re Football Mania tickets. Selling 5 tickets is one of the easiest membership requirements and you can make $5 for own FBLA purposes by selling just one card.


Students and Staff- It’s Blood drive time again! Our first drive is October 3. All students over 16 are encouraged to share your blood and help save lives! Sign up in the main office for your appointment time. There will be  prizes for donors and a competition between the grades for the grade with the most donors!


Students: Do you like playing Jeapordy or Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Then you might enjoy our academic quiz team, “Hi-Q”. If you are interested in joining Hi-Q, there will be a sign up sheet outside Mrs.Dallmann’s room 123. Please sign up and attend an informational meeting next week Wednesday, Oct.4 during lunch. Please consider joining your high school academic quiz team!


Homecoming tickets are now on sale by Student Services. Tickets are $10.00/each. Tickets will be on sale before school and at lunch.


It’s that time of year again for the FBLA Ice Cream social in Mrs Tate’s room. It will be held outside of Mrs. Tate’s window second block on homecoming Friday. Ice Cream is free for FBLA members and $3 for non member. ”


Juniors & Seniors:  The following College Representatives will be in Student Services:

Monday, Oct. 2: Northern Michigan-6th hour

Tuesday, Oct. 3-UW Marinette-3rd hour

Friday, Oct. 6-St. Norbert College-3rd hour, Ripon College-8th hour


If interested please sign up in Student Services. This is a great way to see what the colleges and universities have to offer.