Career Clusters & Pathways

ClustersCareer Clusters are broad occupational groupings based on a set of common knowledge and skills required for a  group of careers.

Career Pathways are a sub-grouping of careers used as an organizing tool for curriculum design and instruction.  Each pathway highlights a specific part of each cluster.

A Program of Study is a specific pathway, defined by a school/district partnership, which is a sequence of instruction consisting of coursework, co-curricular activities, worksite learning, service learning and other learning experiences.

An Academic and Career Plan represents a fluid, mapped academic plan reflecting a student’s unique set of interests, needs, learning goals and graduation requirements.  It goes beyond the traditional “4 Year Plan” by recording a student’s connections to the larger community including community service, volunteerism, hobbies and activities, and post-secondary planning.

There are 16 Career Clusters — click on each to learn more about the cluster and its pathways.